Abernathy Commemorative Coin

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Commemorative Coin to be Offered by Tillman County Historical Society

The Tillman County Historical Society will offer a one-of-kind collectible keepsake for sale when Abernathy Days kicks off in Frederick on April 10.

A large bronze Abernathy commemorative coin will be offered for sale for the first time that day at the Pioneer Townsite Museum in Frederick.

On its front, the heavy 1 ¾-inch coin features a raised-relief of President Theodore Roosevelt with Jack “Catch ‘em Alive” Abernathy, with Abernathy holding a captured wolf. The relief is rendered from an actual photo of the two men that was taken during the April 1905 Oklahoma Territory Wolf Hunt east of Frederick.

Wording on front of the coin is “Frederick, OK – 1905. The Adventure Begins…”

The coin’s back shows a relief photo of Jack’s sons Bud and Temple Abernathy and commemorates their famous 1910 trip alone on horseback from Frederick to New York City.

It reads “1910 – The Abernathy Boys …and the Adventure Continues.”

Also on the back of the coin is a number that indicates that coin’s place in a limited edition production of 500 coins.
The coins will sell for $10 each, with proceeds to benefit the Tillman County Historical Society, to be used for operation of the Pioneer Townsite Museum in Frederick.

Coin sales will begin at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 10, at the Pioneer Townsite Museum. After that date, in addition to the museum, they will also be available at the Frederick Chamber of Commerce, Main and Grand in Frederick, 580-335-2126.


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